Joulukranssi/ Christmas wreath Workshop

Joulukranssi/ Christmas wreath Workshop


Tapahtuma alkaa: 30.11.2023 17:00

Tapahtuma päättyy: 30.11.2023 19:00

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KONE People flow center
Yhteyshenkilö: Sara Engström-Häivälä

During the workshop we will be guided by Helmi Erkamo florist from Blommi, and each of us will make a Christmas wreath (=joulukranssi). 

You can see the wreaths Espoo colleagues made last year in the post for Espoo joulukranssi workshop  🙂 


35 euros/person for KONE employees.

70 euros/person for subcontractors.

When? Thursday, 30.11.2023 at 17:00, 2h workshop 

Where? Hyvinkää, meeting room to be send out later

How to register ?

Please comment this post with your name, if you are a subcontractor, please write it too.

We will contact you directly with the information for payment.

There is a limit of 12 participants, minimum number is 10. 

Registration is open until 15.11.2023.

The enrollment is binding: if you register in comment and decide not to join, you will have to find a replacement person or pay for the workshop.

In your communication to the club, please remember we are all volunteers and we organize these activities in our free time for you. Please read the instructions carefully, thank you 🦌

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